TSYTOVICH Mitrofan Feofanovich

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TSYTOVICH Mitrofan Feofanovich (1869 — 1936) is the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist.

In 1895 ended VMA and served in troops. During the Russian-Japanese war was at the front. In 1906

M. F. Tsytovich was returned to St. Petersburg and specialized in clinic of otorhinolaryngology of VMA under the leadership of N. P. Simanovsky. In 1907 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question about Respiratory and Pulse — the Even Movements of a Tympanic Membrane». In 1908 — 1914 M. F. Tsytovich worked in VMA as the privatdozent, then the associate professor of otorhinolaryngology. Since 1914 professor of clinic of diseases of an ear, throat and nose Saratov un-that. Since 1930 M. F. Tsytovich became the first director of Nauchno-is-sledovatelskogo organized on his initiative in Saratov in-that to physiology of upper respiratory tracts and an ear, to-ry later was abolished.

M. F. Tsytovich is the author of the St. 115 scientific works devoted to questions of prevention of diseases of an ear, throat and nose, chlorotherapy, otorhinolaryngological pathology of children's age, etc. It described the reception of identification of a fistula of an ear labyrinth known in literature as Tsytovich's experience (see Vestibulometriya). It for the first time applied local kokainoadrenalinovy anesthesia in the JIOP expert. In 1922 M. F. Tsytovich published the textbook for students of medical in-t which sustained 8 editions. In

1926 — 1935 was an editor-in-chief and the associate editor of the Bulletin of a Rinolaringootiatriya magazine. Works: To a question about respiratory and pulse - the even movements of a tympanic membrane, a yew., SPb., 1907; Full fistulous symptom, mechanism of its emergence, Vestn. ushn., throats, and nose. Bol., May, page 458, 1912; The Role of diseases of upper respiratory tracts in preventive medicine, Vestn. rino-lyaringo-otologist., No. 2, page 3, 1926; Pathogeny and therapy of chronic diseases of upper respiratory tracts, Vestn. from-rino-laringol., No. 1, page 16, 1936.

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of a pin E. L. and Rogov E. G., M. F. Tsytovich is the founder of the Saratov school of otorhinolaryngologists, Saratov, 1982. I. L. Kruchinina.