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TSUKKERKANDL Emil (Zucker-kandl Emil, 1849 — 1910) is the Austrian anatomist.

Graduated from the Vienna university in 1874 where received degree of the doctor of medicine later. Worked as the demonstrator and the assistant to anatomy in Vienna un-those for Y. Girtl, was

a prosector in Amsterdam, then the assistant to department of pathological anatomy in Vienna at K. Rokitansky. Since 1879 extraordinary professor of anatomy Vienna un-that; since 1882 ordinary professor un-that in Graz. Since 1888 managed department of anatomy Vienna un-that.

E. Tsukkerkandl is the author of St. 150 works on a descriptive, topographical and comparative anatomy, embryology and anthropology. Its main researches are devoted to questions of a structure and development of a brain, skull, olfactor organs and hearing, teeth, arteries of extremities, chromaffin bodies. Its monograph about normal and pathological anatomy of a nasal cavity and his adnexal bosoms is classical. It irrespective of the Italian anatomist D. Cotugno described a water supply system of a threshold of an inner ear. E. Tsukkerkandl established existence of an anastomosis between pulmonary and bronchial veins, found a rudiment 4 big molars in the person.

E. Tsukkerkandl described a number of anatomic educations, to-rye were called by his name: additional thyroid glands (Tsukkerkandl's gland), an embryonal anastomosis between nasal veins and an upper sagittal sine (Tsukker-kandl's vein), a lumbar aortal paraganglion (Tsukkerkandl's body), a paraterminal crinkle (Tsukkerkandl's crinkle), etc.

E. Tsukkerkandl was the brilliant master of the anatomic equipment, the accuracy of the description and reproduction of anatomic details is inherent in his works. He attached great value to the practical application of anatomic data and published the atlas of topographical anatomy. Anatomic sections in the guides to stomatology, urology, otolaryngology were written to them.

Works: t)ber das Riechcentrum, Stuttgart, 1877; Normale und pathologische Anatomie der Nasenhohle und ihre pneumatischen Anhange, Bd 1 — 2, Wien, 1882 — 1892; Das periphere Geruchsorgan der S^uge-thiere, Stuttgart, 1887; Zur Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte der Arterien des Vorderarmes, Anat. Hefte, Abt. 1, Bd 4, S. 1, 1894, Bd 5, S. 157, 1895; Zur Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte der Arterien des Unterschenkels und der Fusses, ibid., Bd 5, S. 207, 1895, Bd 6, S. 131, 1896; Atlas der topographischen Anatomie des Menschen, Wien — Lpz., 1904.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragender Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 1729, Wien, 1933; Tand-ler J. Emil Zuckerkandl, Anat. Anz., Bd 37, S. 86, 1910. V. S. Speransky.