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TsRIKVYoNITsA — the climatic seaside resort in SFRYu. It is located in the Socialist republic of Croatia, on the bank of the Adriatic Sea in 33 km from Rijeka, in the beauty spot surrounded with mountains.

The climate is subtropical Mediterranean. Summer very warm (average temperature of July 23 °), winter soft (average temperature of January apprx. 5 °). The resort is protected from cold winds by high slopes of Dee-narsky uplands.

The main to lay down. a factor — climate. Conditions for an air-cure, heliation and thalassotherapy are available within almost all year. Apply also balneotherapy (heat sea, artificial radonic, carbonic, pine needle baths). The season of sea bathings proceeds from May to November (water temperature in May 19 °, in November 17 — 18 °). The Melkopeschany beach with gradually falling bottom of the sea is especially convenient for bathing of children.

In the resort there are well equipped bathing building, sanatoria for children and adults, numerous hotels, boarding houses, various constructions for sports activities.

Indications: hron. nonspecific diseases of a respiratory organs, functional diseases of nervous and cardiovascular systems, disbolism.

B. V. Poltoranov.