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TSQALTUBO — the balneological resort in the Georgian SSR. It is located in 12 km from Kutaisi in the picturesque valley of the river of Tsqaltubo surrounded with hills.

The resort is founded in 1926.

The climate is warm, moderately wet, with lines subtropical that is caused by an originality of a land relief (to the southwest the valley of the river Tsqaltubo passes into the Colchis lowland), proximity of the Black Sea (into 70 km from the resort) and Greater Caucasus Range. The summer is very warm, solar (average temperature of August 24 °), winter soft, snowless (average temperature of January 5 °), rainfall of 1700 mm a year (the main amount of precipitation drops out in April — October). Number of hours of sunshine more than 2000 in a year. In the summer the wet and cool southwest winds reducing heat during the cold period of year — dry and warm east winds prevail.

The main to lay down. a factor — unique on the properties low-mineralized (0,7 — 0,8 g/l) nitric slabotermalny (t ° 32 — 35 °) chloride gidrokarbonatnosulfatny magnesium-calcium waters with the insignificant content of radon (to 4 nkyuri/l). Way out of these waters are found in the floodplain of the river of Tsqaltubo where they are kaptirovana (see the Piping) by numerous wells and stone basins, over to-rymi bathing buildings are built. Uniqueness of tskhaltubsky water consists in an optimum ratio of all its components: organic matters, biologically active microelements — iodine, bromine, lithium, and also nitrogen and silicon. Existence in water of nitrogen and silicon strengthens effect

of Tsqaltubo radon. Sanatorium «Metallurgist».

Tsqaltubo. Bathing building.

Tsqaltubo. Drinking pump room.

(the silicon dioxide which is in colloidal state, or Si02 silicon dioxide, promotes sedimentation of radon and products of its disintegration on skin; in the vials of nitrogen settling on skin, concentration of radon is 3 times higher than in water).


Water of sources without heating or cooling (that provides preservation it physical. - chemical properties) apply to bathtubs, bathings in pools (in combination with to lay down. gymnastics), underwater shower massage, irrigations, intestinal washings, inhalations.

In the resort 9 bathing buildings with pools for bathing, resort policlinic with boarding house for placement of ambulatories, the drinking pump room (for treatment of patients with associated diseases), sanatoria, including for parents with children, children's sanatoria, rest houses function. On the basis of the resort the branch of scientific research institute of balneology and physical therapy of I. G. Koniashvili Min-va of health care of the Georgian SSR works.

Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system (rheumatism, obliterating defeats of vessels of extremities, etc.), musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis), skin, female generative organs, effect of po*lpomiye-litas.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table (t. 29, additional materials).

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