TSONDEK Berngard

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TSONDEK Berngard (Zondek Bern-hard, 1891 — 1966) is the German gynecologist and the endocrinologist.

Completed medical education in Berlin (1919). B1919 — 1926 the assistant to gynecologic clinic you Rummage in Berlin, and later the head of obstetric gynecology department of clinic in Shpandau (Berlin). After coming to power of fascists B. Tsondek emigrated from Germany. In 1934 he headed obstetric and gynecologic department in un-those Jerusalem.

In 1927 B. Tsondek together with

3. Ashgeymom for the first time found gonadotropic hormone in urine of pregnant women. It allowed them to develop a technique effective biol. reactions for definition of early durations of gestation (see. And a shgeyma — Tsondeka reaction). B. Tsondek studied many kliniko-biological questions of incretion, a role of sex hormones in physiological and pathological processes in a female body (an amenorrhea, a dysmenorrhea, a climax, infertility), phases of hormonal activity in an organism of the woman in the period of a climax and a menopause are established to them (giperfolliku-lyarny, hypohormonal and hyper-gonadotropic), the mechanism of recurrence of menstrual function, etc. is explained

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