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TSION Ilya Faddeevich (1842 — 1912) is a domestic physiologist.

In 1858 — 1864 studied in the Warsaw medicochirurgical academy, Kiev un-those, and then in Berlin un-those. In 1865 in St. Petersburg about a chorea and its communication with an endocarditis and joint rheumatism received degree of the doctor of medicine for work. Then within three years worked in laboratories of Germany and France. Having been returned in 1868 to Russia, held a position of the privatdozent, and then extraordinary professor (1870) in St. Petersburg un-those. Since 1872 I. F. Tsion is ordinary professor of department of physiology of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. In 1875 I. F. Tsion left department and went to Paris where he worked for K. Bernard in the beginning, and then created physiological laboratory, in a cut worked until the end of life.

The greatest popularity got I. F. Tsion's job executed (1866) together with To. Ludwig, on studying of a role of cardioaortical (depressor) nerves in regulation of action of the heart and maintenance of constancy of arterial pressure (see. Depressory reactions). For this research which laid the foundation for the doctrine about reflex and automatic self-control of the ABP and value of nervous factors in mechanisms of a homeostasis, I. F. Tsion was conferred an award

of the Parisian academy of Sciences. Are found and experimentally studied by it the accelerating influence of sympathetic nerves on heart and vasculomotor effect of celiac nerves that was also noted by an award of the Parisian academy of Sciences. He studied a role of a liver in synthesis of urea and lipoid. I. F. Tsion researched the nature of braking (see Setschenow's inhibition). A significant amount of its works is devoted to studying of a role of receptors of an inner ear in dimensional orientation of an organism.

I. F. Tsion is the author of the first original guide to physiology in Russian. In I. F. Tsion's laboratory in St. Petersburg un-those the first work was performed by I. P. Pavlov.

Works: Course of physiology, t. 1 — 2, SPb.,

1873 — 1874; Bases of an electrotherapy, SPb., 1874; Scientific conversations, t. 1, SPb., 1880 «

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