TSINZERLING Vsevolod Dmitriyevich

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TSYNZERLING Vsevolod Dmitriyevich (1891 — 1960) is the Soviet pathologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946).

In 1909 came to VMA, however in 1913 it was expelled from academy for participation in student's disorders. In 1914 it is mobilized in quality zauryad-vra-cha and till 1917 was in field army. In 1917 ended medical f-t of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that. Began to be engaged in scientific activity in the field of pathological anatomy being a listener of VMA under the direction of JI. V. Soboleva and H. N. Anichkova, since 1918 continued it, working as the prosector in hospitals of Petrograd. In 1920 — 1930 the assistant to department of pathological anatomy Petrograd-with whom medical in-that (nowadays the 1st LMI), along with 1921 for 1937 the research associate, and then the head of the laboratory of department of pathological anatomy Ying-that experimental medicine. The participant of the Great Patriotic War, in 1941 — 1945 the chief pathologist of the Leningrad front. Since 1943 directed department • pathological anatomy of the 2nd LMI (since 1946 — Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in in-t). Doctor of medical sciences (1935); professor (1943).

V. D. Tsinzerling is an author apprx. 60 scientific works devoted to problems of atherosclerosis (see) and infectious pathology. It studied initial phases of development of atherosclerosis, consistent patterns of localization of atherosclerotic damages of arteries are determined and waviness of a course of atherosclerosis is shown. On the basis of studying of obliterating diseases of arteries of the lower extremities he established value of neurovascular frustration in development of atherosclerosis. Paid considerable attention of V. D. Tsinzerling to studying of pathological anatomy of scarlet fever, dysentery at alimentary exhaustion, fuzospirokhetozny infections and acute pneumonias. Features morfol are established to them. displays of pneumonia depending on their etiology new ideas of stages of a lung fever are also created.

V. D. Tsinzerling was a member of a row all-Union scientific about-in, the chairman Leningrad scientific

about-va pathologists.

It is awarded the order Patriotic war of the 1st degree, an award of the Red Star and medals.

Works: About initial stages experimental cholesterol-esterovogo of obesity, Arkh. biol. sciences, t. 22, century 1, page 177, 1922; Pathological anatomy and an etiology of atherosclerosis on the basis of a research of children's aortas, Saturday. nauch. works in honor of the 50 anniversary nauch. - the doctor, deyateln. A. A. Nechayeva, page 468, Pg., 1922; To the doctrine about scarlet fever, Saturday., it is devoted. to the 25 anniversary nauch. deyateln. prof. of H. N. Anichkova, page 370, M. — L., 1935; Comparative morphologists

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howl L. A.); Pathological anatomy of acute pneumonias of a different etiology, L., 1963 (sovm. with Tsinzerling A. V.).

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A. K. Ageev.