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TsINGULOTOMYYa (Latin cingulum пояс^-Greek tome a section, a section) — neurosurgical operation of destruction of certain departments of a zone crinkle of a brain at some psychopathological states or the expressed chronic pain syndrome. It is for the first time executed in 1948 by A. A. Ward.

The zone crinkle (gyrus cinguli) is located on a medial surface of cerebral hemispheres directly over a corpus collosum (see. Limbic system). It is the synoptic way tying a cerebral cortex through conduction paths of a calloused and striate body with kernels of a thalamus (see) and a hippocampus (see). On corticothalamic ways pain and the related emotional perceptions from the periphery of a body reach a cerebral cortex.

In a crust, time apply only stereotaxic C. (see. Stereotaxic neurosurgery), to-ruyu carry out under local anesthesia, more often in one step on both sides. To-ruyu carry out by the main reference points revealed at a ventrikulografiya (see) just before operation, the pole of a front horn of a side ventricle, a corpus collosum and the median plane serve. By means of stereotaxic calculations determine the exact direction of carrying out a cannula electrode to the set area of a zone crinkle by these reference points. The zone crinkle has the considerable extent therefore destruction it is made in different departments — in an initial (rostral) part, kpered from her knee and in a middle part.

After operation more than at a half of patients on a long term stop or considerably painful pains decrease. The positive psychoemotional effect is at the same time observed (sensation of fear, a depression, and also the need for drugs decreases). Postoperative complications in the form of passing confusion of consciousness and disturbances of memory are observed seldom.

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