TSIKLINSKAYA Praskoviya Vasilyevna

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TSIKLYNSKAYA Praskoviya Vasilyevna (1859 — 1923) — the domestic bacteriologist, the first Russian woman professor of bacteriology.

After the termination of a gymnasium several years worked as the teacher of elementary school.

In 1889 ended physical and mathematical f-t of Highest (Bestuzhevsky) of female courses and continued education in Paris, having with great difficulty achieved the right to come on the first bacterial ogiche-sky courses to Pasterovskom in-those which directed to E. R, A. Laver An and I. I. Mechnikov. Having ended courses, remained in in-those and within three years conducted scientific work under the leadership of I. I. Mechnikov. Having been returned to Russia, arrived the laboratory assistant in based by G. N. Gabrichevsky Bacteriological in in-t Moscow un-that (nowadays Moscow scientific research institute of epidemiology and microbiology of G. N. Gabrichevsky M3 of RSFSR).

In 1902 in Geneva un-those defended the dissertation of «A research in the field of studying of thermophilic microbes» on an academic degree of the doctor of natural sciences. Since 1908 medical f-that managed department of bacteriology of the Moscow high female courses (nowadays the 2nd MMI) and at the same time worked at Bacteriological institute of the Moscow university.

P. V. Tsiklinskaya is the author of a large number of works on questions of the general and medical microbiology. Its major works are devoted to studying of normal intestinal microflora of the person, its changes depending on age, food and other conditions, and also antagonistic relationship of microorganisms. Its researches intestinal microflora at children, in particular roles of bifidobacteria (see Bifidobacteria, Bifidumbacterium) at newborns, etiologies of dyspepsias, etc. are of great value. Work P, V. Tsiklinskaya «About hemolysins of bacteria», «About cytotoxic properties of blood serum» and until now did not lose the value. Its researches promoted development of a recent trend in medical microbiology — a gnotobiologiya.

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For works in the field of medical microbiology of P. V. Tsiklinskaya a little in 1917, Moscow un-volume degree of the doctor of medicine without defense of a thesis was appropriated.

Works: About bacteria of a human body

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