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TsIKAZYN — oncogenous substance; contains in seeds of the plants belonging to this. Cycadacae. Glucoside marked azoxymethanol, is received in a crystal look. It is used in experimental oncology for the purpose of induction of various tumors (see Oncology experimental).

Oncogenous action of C. it is for the first time revealed in 1963 by G. La-quer and sotr. Oncogenous properties C. are shown at its decomposition in an organism under the influence of r-glucosidase of an indestinal flora with formation of an aglikon of metilazoksi-methanol. Introduction of C. with drinking water in a dose of 10 mg! the kg within 10 days leads to development of tumors of a liver in rats more than in 80% of cases. Tumors of kidneys, intestines, a liver, lungs and a brain can be induced by single hypodermic introduction of a tsika-zin to newborn rats. At mice of C. causes gepatoma, tumors of kidneys, leukoses, adenomas of lungs, in the Syrian hamsters, Guinea pigs and aquarian fishes — a tumor of a liver. C. has also teratogenic properties. V. S. Turusov. CYCVALONUM (Cycvalonum; synonym: Ve-veno, Cyclovalonum, Cyclovalone, Di-vanil, Vanilone, etc.) — cholagogue means. 2,6-Bis-(3-metok-

si-4-oxybenzal) - cyclohexanone;


Bright yellow crystal powder with a slight smell of vanillin. It is almost water-insoluble, a little alcohol-soluble.

Drug strengthens education and biliation (duration of cholagogue effect after a single dose of drug 2 —

4 hours), has antiinflammatory and antiallergic effect.

C. apply at chronic cholecystitis, hepatitis, a cholangitis, cholelithiasis. Under the influence of C. at patients the general state improves, pains and the dispeptic phenomena disappear or decrease. At treatment of cholangites of C. it is reasonable to appoint together with antibiotics.

Drug is appointed inside in tablets on 0,1 g 3 — 4 times a day during 3 — 4 weeks, if necessary conduct repeated courses with breaks within a month.

C. it is usually well transferred by patients and does not cause by-effects. In some cases in the first days of treatment the feeling of weight in a liver and a gall bladder, emergence of taste of bile in a mouth can be felt.

C. it is contraindicated at the acute inflammatory and sharply expressed dystrophic processes in a liver which are followed by a cholemic syndrome.

Form of release: tablets on 0,1 g. Store in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Cholagogue means. Bibliography: With and ra t and to about in A. S. both to Skak N. P. Zhelcheobrazovaniye's N and cholagogue means, page 142, Tomsk, 1977.

A.S. Saratikov.