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TsIGEROL (Cygerolum) — an antiseptic agent. A4'8 (+) -БЬ-2-Цикло-гексил-5,9-диметил-каприновая to - that; C18H30O2:

Transparent oily (on a consistence close to glycerin) light yellow liquid with a slight characteristic smell, bitterish taste. C. it is water-insoluble, we will dissolve in organic solvents. It will be sterilized by usual methods.

At topical administration has antimicrobic effect, stimulates regenerator processes and in this regard accelerates granulation and epithelization of wounds.

Apply outwardly to treatment of the granulating wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, etc. Before drawing C. wound, ulcer and burn surfaces clear of pus. Then the moistened C. sterile napkins impose on a wound surface and cover with compresseal paper. When the wound surface has the big area, and at plentiful wound separated compresseal paper do not use. Bandagings at wounds and trophic ulcers do, as a rule, in 1 — 2 day, and at burns — in 4 — 5 days. Before drawing on big (more than 20 cm2) wound surfaces of C. it is necessary to part in sterile vegetable oil concerning 1:5 since during the drawing pure C. on extensive blemished surfaces there is a burning sensation. Sometimes C. apply in the form of 10 — 25% of ointments on a vaseline and lanolin basis.

Form of release: in the bottles of orange glass containing 50 g of drug.

See also Antimicrobic means., Antiseptic agents.

D. N. Samoylov.