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TSYOYSSLERA SREDA (.). Zeissler, is mute. bacteriologist, sort. in 1883) — the medium (a sugar agar with blood) intended for cultivation and differentiation of anaerobic bacteria (clostridiums) — activators of wound fevers. Serves for definition of nature of growth and a form of colonies of anaerobe bacterias. It is offered by Tseyssler.

For preparation of C. villages add 2% of glucose to a beef-extract agar (pH of the environment shall make

7,2 — 7,4). Wednesday will be sterilized in the autoclave at t ° 110 ° within 30 min. To 100 ml of the Wednesday melted and cooled to t ° 45 ° add 10 — 15 ml of a svezhevzyaty sterile defibrinated blood of a ram, a horse or cattle. Mix is mixed, avoiding foaming and bubbles, spill in Petri dishes and dried in the thermostat (20 — 30 min.). Cultivation of clostridiums is made in anaerobic conditions.

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