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TsEPLYTsE-SLYoNSKE-ZDRUY (Ci-eplice Sla^kie Zdroj) — the balneological climatic and mud resort in the Party of Russian Taxpayers. It is located in the western part of the Elenyagursky voivodeship, in an extensive Elenyagursky hollow among the dense coniferous and deciduous wood at a foot of the Western Sudetes, at height apprx. 350 m above sea-level.

Ts.-S.-Z. — one of the oldest resorts in Poland, its emergence is carried to 13 century.

Resort of Tseplitse-Slyonske-Zdruy. One of sanatoria of the resort.

The climate is soft, foothill. Summer moderately warm (average temperature of July - |-17,40), winter soft, solar (average temperature of January — 3,7 °). The resort protects the massif Kar-konoshe from cold winds. An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 700 mm.

The main to lay down. factors: climate, low-mineralized (0,4 — 0,7 g! k) sulfatno-gidrokarbonatno-chloride sodium nitric siliceous thermal waters (t ° to 42 °), peat dirt (terrestrial peats). Mineral waters apply to bathtubs, flourishes, bathings in the pool, inhalations, irrigations, underwater massage, drinking treatment (a medical table water of Marysenk). Peat dirt uses for mud baths, applications and tampons. In the resort the resort policlinic, a balneolechebnitsa, the drinking pump room, sanatoria, rest houses, hotels function. On the basis of the resort the branch of orthopedic clinics of the Poznan and Wroclaw medical academies works.

Indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal device, peripheral nervous system, kidneys and urinary tract, female genital. V. V. Poltoranov.