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TsELIAKOGRAFYYa [lat. (truncus) of celiacus a celiac trunk + Greek grapho to write, represent] — a method of X-ray inspection of a celiac trunk and system of its branches after filling by its radiopaque substance entered by transdermal catheterization of a femoral artery.

Broad use of C. began after development by Seldinger (S. Seldinger, 1953) iodmany (P. Od-man, 1956, 1959) techniques of transdermal catheterization of an aorta and the selection angiography of abdominal organs (see Seldinger a method and fig. 4 to St. Angiography, t. 1, Art. 464). Works of the Soviet and foreign researchers confirmed high informational content of C. in diagnosis of diseases of abdominal organs.

C. make for the purpose of diagnosis of malignant tumors of a pancreas (see), a liver (see), a stomach (see), spleens (see) and adjacent bodies; inflammatory, dystrophic and parasitic diseases — chronic pancreatitis, chronic hepatitises and cirrhoses of a liver, cysts of a liver, spleen, pancreas (see fig. 17 to St. Pancreas, t. 20, Art. 71), etc.; damages and malformations of bodies, for a research of a hemodynamics in arteries of a celiac trunk and their branches and detection of various vascular pathology (stenoses, aneurisms of a celiac trunk and its large branches, gastric bleedings), for assessment of results of operative measures on abdominal organs.

Contraindications to carrying out C. — serious condition of the patient, acute diseases of a liver, kidneys, pancreas and intolerance of iodide drugs.

The research is conducted in

the chesky office specialized rentgenoangiografi-154 CELLULOSE; apply premedication (see the Anaesthesia) and local anesthesia (see Anesthesia local), extremely seldom an anesthesia. Catheterization of a celiac trunk carry out transdermal transfemoralny access on Seldingera (see Seljdin-ger a method). At the atherosclerosis of ileal arteries interfering retrograde carrying out a catheter, catheterization of a celiac trunk can be executed by a puncture of an axillary artery or an arteriotomy of a humeral artery, more rare by translumbar access. For C. use 35 — 50 ml of 65 — 76% of solution of radiopaque substance, a cut enter with a speed of 10 — 14 ml! sec. The program of shooting covers all phases of an angiography (arterial, parenchymatous and venous): the first 4 sec. on 2 pictures in 1 sec. following 2 — 3 sec. on 1 picture in 1 sec. in the subsequent 4 — 6 sec. does pictures at an interval of 1,5 — 2 sec.

Kind of C. the infusional tseliakografiya is, to-ruyu apply to obtaining more intensive image of fabric of bodies in a parenchymatous phase of a research. For this purpose enter into a celiac trunk 70—80 of ml of radiopaque substance with a speed of 4 — 6 ml! sec. For 1 — 2 sec. before the end of introduction of the main dose of radiopaque substance begin shooting, to-ruyu then carry out according to the usual program.

Other kind of C. the research after preliminary selection introduction to a celiac trunk of vasoactive headlights-makol is. drugs (pharmakoangiografiya). It is applied for the purpose of differential diagnosis of malignant and high-quality new growths, by improvements of visualization of body and definition of its compensatory opportunities, to studying of the directed action of headlights-makol. drugs on vessels of a stomach, spleen, liver, etc.

After end of C. the catheter from a vessel is removed, bleeding is stopped pressing of the place of a puncture within 10 — 15 min., to the place of a puncture apply an aseptic compressing bandage. Recommend to the patient a bed rest within 1 days under observation of the doctor on duty.

On a tseliakogramma normal intraorganic arteries accurately come to light. In a parenchymatous phase intensive and uniform contrasting of bodies is reached. In usual terms the picture of a venous phase appears. Hron. defeat of body is shown by depletion or enrichment of the intraorganic arterial drawing, frequent its deformation, and in a parenchymatous phase —

uneven contrasting. Malignant new growths on a tseliakogramma are characterized by local or general disorganization of the arterial drawing, at the same time vessels of a tumor have an uneven gleam, izvita, anastomose with each other; in a parenchymatous phase sites with absence or the increased accumulation of radiopaque substance in a parenchyma of the struck body are registered. Terms of contrasting of venous system of body change.

Complications (a hematoma and thrombosis in the field of a puncture of a femoral artery, perforation of walls of arteries, etc.) at technically correctly executed tseliakografiya meet seldom.

See also And a rteriografiya, the Angiography.

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A. P. Savchenko.