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TsEHOTsYNEK (Ciechocinek) — balneogryazevy and the climatic resort in the Party of Russian Taxpayers. It is located in the Wroclaw voivodeship, in 25 km from Torun, in the valley of the Vistula River.

Summer moderately warm (average temperature of July 17 °), winter soft (average temperature of January — 5 °). An annual amount of precipitation — apprx. 600 mm. Annual average relative humidity of air of 78%.

The main to lay down. factor: the chloride sodium waters with a mineralization

from 4 to 60 g/l containing also iodine, bromine and iron. In the territory of the resort 12 mineral springs are located; waters of three sources belong to thermal (f 27 — 37 °).

Low-mineralized waters apply to drinking treatment (mineral table waters «Kristinka» and «Kuyavyanka»), waters with a bigger mineralization use for bathtubs, inhalations, ginekol. irrigations, bathings in pools, and also for spraying in coolers (the dosed stay about them in parks is to lay down. procedure). From highly mineralized water after evaporation of salt prepare the silt and leach used for preparation of bathtubs in extra resort conditions.

Resort of Tsekhotsinek. One of cases.

In a complex resort therapy apply also procedures from peat dirt, deposits a cut are in the neighborhood of the resort.

In Tsekhotsineke there are a resort policlinic, the bathing building with to lay down. pools, mud baths, sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses. In one of parks of the resort the big swimming pool filled by warm mineral water is located. On the basis of the resort the branch of the Central institute of rheumatology and clinical department of the Warsaw medical academy work.

Indications: diseases oporno

motive device, peripheral nervous system, female generative organs, hron. nonspecific diseases of upper respiratory tracts, disbolism. V. V. Poltoranov.