TSEGE-MANTEYFEL Verner Germanovich

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TSYOGE-MANTYOYFEL Verner Germanovich (1857 — 1926) is a domestic surgeon.

After the termination in 1885 of Derpt-sky (nowadays Tartu) un-that worked under the leadership of E. K. Wal at department of surgery as the assistant, the associate professor, and since 1899 e kstraordinar as N oho of professor of department of hospital surgery. In 1905 — 1917 professor of faculty surgical clinic. Dokt. the dissertation on the subject «Pilot Study of Noise at Wound of Vessels» was defended in 1886

by G. Tsege-Mantekhtfel — the author apprx. 70 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of operational treatment of diseases and damages of vessels, hearts, abdominal organs, thyroid gland, to a pathogeny of gangrene, questions of field surgery. In 1895 it for the first time successfully put an arterial stitch at arteriovenous aneurism, and at an extirpation of a kidney resected (1899) a part of the lower vena cava with stitching. One of the first-ever (1903) V. G. Tsege-Manteyfel with success made operation for a gunshot wound of heart with extraction of a bullet. Original classification of impassability of intestines was offered them (see). He is the author of the first domestic monograph (1913) on impassability of intestines. Also its works on studying of a craw in the Baltics are known.

V. G. Tsege-Manteyfel for the first time in the world (1897) began to operate in rubber gloves (see Gloves medical).

During the Russian-Japanese war (1904 — 1905) he directed sanitary. group of the Red Cross. In 1906 G. Tsege-Manteyfel was the representative of Russia at the Geneva conference of the Red Cross in London and was elected her the president. In the years of World War I headed institutions of the Red Cross on the Northwest front. It generalized results of the military observations in a number of articles and the guide to field surgery.

V. G. Tsege-Manteyfel brought up a group of domestic surgeons, the academician of H was his pupil. N. Burdenko. Works: Experimentelle Studien tiber Gera-usche bei Gefassverletzungen, diss., Dorpat, 1886; Impassability of guts, SPb., 1913; Lectures on field surgery, Yuryev, 1916.

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V. V. Kalnin.