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TsEFELYN (Cephelinum; synonym: a tsefaye-lean, Cephaelin) — alkaloid of an ipecacuanha.

Contains together with emetine (see) preferential in roots of an ipecacuanha (see). However maintenance of C. in roots of this plant below, than the content of emetine. On a chemical structure of C. it is close to emetine and differs from it in existence of hydroxylic group instead of one of oxymethyl groups. Like emetine has the expressed local irritative effect on mucous membranes and in this regard at intake in small doses causes expectorant effect, and in high doses — vomiting of a reflex origin. As well as emetine has amebotsidny properties. With availability of emetine and C. in drugs of a root of an ipecacuanha connect the main pharmakol. properties of these drugs (local irritative, expectorant and emetic effects). In medical practice in the form of individual medicine C. do not apply since it considerably surpasses emetine in toxicity. C. it can be used for receiving emetine in the semi-synthetic way. century K. Muratov.