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TsEFALOSPORIOZ (cephalosporio-sis; synonym: akremonioz, akroastalag-moz) — mycosis, at Krom skin, mucous membranes, internals, and also bones are surprised. Meets seldom.

Activator C. different types (apprx. are 70) fungi of the sort Cephalosporium (Acremonium), to-rye are eurysynusic in the environment around the world. Most often types of Cephalosporium acremonium Corda, 1939 meet (a synonym: Acremonium kiliense Grutz 1925);

Page of cinnabarinum Corda 1838; Page of fal-ciforme Carrion 1951, etc. On Saburo's circle (see Saburo of the environment) the fungus at f 20 — 24 ° forms white flat smooth colonys with radial furrows; during the aging their color becomes dark pink. At microscopic examination oblong conidiums and a septirovanny mycelium are found; conidiophores depart at right angle and do not branch (see Fungi parasitic).

Wedge, manifestations are various: vesicular and pustular rashes, the ekzemopodobny centers, inflammatory spots (see the Erythema), ulcer and phlegmonous processes on various sites of smooth skin, and also a keratitis (see), a blepharitis (see), a mycetoma of foot (see. Madura foot), etc. At damages of internals process can proceed as a septicopyemia (see Sepsis).

The diagnosis is complicated. Repeated (numerous) detection of a large number of the fungus allocated from patol is necessary. material and the subsequent its identification (identification of single cells of different types of Cephalosporium on skin, mucous membranes or in patol. material has no diagnostic value). The diagnosis is confirmed by results of infection with the marked-out culture of experimental animals.

Treatment is carried out by Amphotericinum In and amfoglyukaminy, nystatin on 4 — 6 million. Piece a day (repeated three-week courses), potassium iodide (inside, also repeated courses). According to indications make excision of the centers of mycosis.

Forecast favorable; only at generalization of process and development of a septicopyemia the lethal outcome is possible.

See also Mycoses.

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