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TsAHKADZOR — the climatic resort in the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is located in 52 km of, Yerevan, in Akhtinsky district, in the picturesque wide gorge of the river Marmarik among the massif covered with the dense softwood and deciduous forests at the height of 1710 m above sea-level.

The climate is mountain, characterized by considerable temperature drops of air as within a day (e.g., in the summer — hot days and cold nights), and during various seasons of year. The summer is solar, cool (average temperature of July 17 °), winter moderately soft (average temperature of January — 6 °). An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 650 mm. Relative humidity apprx. 70%. Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 2500. Winds — mountain and valley, in the summer weak, in the winter moderate.

The main to lay down. a factor of the resort — the climate making preferential tempering impact (see the Hardening). There are many mineral springs (see), including low-mineralized carbonic calcic, used as table waters.

In the summer the resort is intended to hl. obr. for treatment and rest of children. V Ts. there are 2 children's sanatoria, pioneer the camp, rest house, giving for kindergartens, and also rest house for parents with children aged from 4 up to 14 years, recreation facility.

Intensive solar radiation, especially UF-parts of a range, pure mountain air, a picturesque landscape, steady snow cover attract in the winter in C. not only patients and vacationers, but also the athletes doing winter sports, hl. obr. alpine skiing. In the resort tourist, including ski and sports bases, the Olympic town function, there is a ropeway.

Indications: functional frustration of cardiovascular system and nervous system, hron. nonspecific diseases of upper respiratory tracts.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table (t. 29, additional materials).

Bibliography: The resorts of the USSR, under the editorship of

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V. V. Poltoranov.