TROYANOV Alexey Alekseevich

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TROYANOV Alexey Alekseevich (1849 — 1916) — domestic hi-RURG-

In 1872 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy.

In 1872 — 1879 Schatz-ke served as the territorial doctor in to the Tambov province, would manage zheleznodorozhn about y in the Urals. In 1880 — 1882 worked in laboratory

of the prof. V. V. Pashutin. In 1882 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Influence of Extensive Burns of a Body on an Animal Organism», edge brought it wide popularity. In 1883 — 1886 the assistant to the prof. S. P. Kolomnin in the academic surgical clinic of VMA. In 1886 by S. P. Botkin's invitation headed surgical department of the Obukhovsk hospital, largest in St. Petersburg, (see), the Crimea directed till 1905. In the next years headed Mariinsky and Aleksandrovsky women's-tsy.

The main scientific works of A. A. Troyanov are devoted to problems of surgery. In 1890 he offered an operational method of treatment of a varicosity of the lower extremities — bandaging and a resection of the site of a big saphena at its mouth (Troyanov's method — Trendelenburga); described a symptom of insufficiency of venous valves, upheld idea of expediency and safety of bandaging of large veins at their wounds; the first in Russia made a cholecystectomia at acute perforation of a gall bladder (1896); described an original way of opening of subphrenic space through previously isolated costal and phrenic sine (Troyanov's way); way of a cystectomy. Operations at torsion of a sigmoid gut (Troyanov's operation — Vinivartera) and a dvukhmomeitny resection of a sigmoid gut were offered them (Troyanov's operation — Vinivartera — Grekova); the original needle holder is developed.

I. I. Grekov, A. A. Kadjyan, B. N. Holjtsov, etc.

Works were A. A. Troyanov's pupils: About influence of extensive burns of skin on an animal organism, a yew., SPb., 1882; To a question of a gastroenterostomy, Hir. vestn., page 186, 1894; To a question of operational treatment of subphrenic abscesses, the Chronicle Russian hir., t. 1, book 5, page 798, 1896.

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