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The TROUT August (Forel Auguste Henri, 1848 — 1931) is the Swiss neuropathologist, the psychiatrist, the entomologist and the public figure. Ended medical

f-t un-that in Vienna in 1872. In 1879 — 1906 the director the psychiatrist and h e with to about y Burg-heltsli's clinics and at the same time (1879 — 1898) professor of psychiatry un-that in Zurich. In 1907 —-1912 practiced in quality of the psychotherapist.

Early works of O. Forel are devoted to anatomy and physiology ts.n.s.: in 1872 — 1877 it described decussation in a brainstem of the fibers going from red kernels (so-called decussation of Forel) in 1885 — kernels of an acoustical nerve, etc.

In 1889 O. Forel published work about hypnosis (see) and its value in clinical practice. He investigated also biosocial problems of alcoholism, prostitution and venereal diseases, problems of judicial psychiatry. In 1888 organized a shelter for having alcoholism; was a prominent representative of the international movement for abstention from alcohol. In 1905 published the book «Sex issue» which played a noticeable role in development of sexology (see).

Forel's works in the field of entomology are devoted to biology, a systematics and instincts of ants.

O. Forel was an eminent public figure, participated in a peace movement, was connected by friendship with R. Rolland, A. V. Lunacharsky, openly expressed the sympathies for the USSR.

Works: Der Hypnotismus, seine Bedeutung und seine Handhabung, Stuttgart, 1889 (Russian lane, SPb., 1890); Die Trinksitten, ihre hygienische und sociale Bedeutung, Basel, 1890 (Russian lane, SPb., 1908); Gehirn und Seele, Bonn, 1902; Der Hypnotismus und die * suggestive Psychotherapie, Stuttgart, 1902, 1921 (Russian lane, SPb., 1904, 1911, L., 1928); Die sexuelle Frage, Miinchen, 1905 (Russian lane, Kharkiv, 1928); Gesam-melte hirnanatomische Abhandlungen mit einem Aufsatz iiber die Aufgaben der Neu-robiologie, Miinchen, 1907.

Bibliography: Festschrift August Forel,

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