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TROPAPHENUM (Tropaphenum; joint venture. B) — adrenceptor blocking agent; tro-pinic ether a-fenil-| 3-7g-atsetok-sifenil-propionic to - you are a hydrochloride; C25H30NO4» HCl:

White or white with weak gray vato - a creamy shade crystal powder, inodorous, we will easily dissolve in water, 95% alcohol and chloroform; pH of 2% of water solution 5,0 — 6,5.

Reduces or completely eliminates the effects caused by stimulation and - adrenoceptors at administration of adrenaline, noradrenaline and other adrenomimetichesky substances, and also at irritation of sympathetic nerves. Expands peripheral vessels and causes decrease in the ABP. Shows also antiserotoni-new activity, reduces effects of a histamine, angiotensin and bradikinin.

Apply to treatment of the diseases which are followed by disturbance of peripheric circulation (an obliterating endarteritis, a Raynaud's disease, etc.), at trophic ulcers of extremities and inertly healing wounds, to stopping of hypertensive crises, and also the prevention of hypertensive reactions during the operative measures (especially in neurosurgical practice) caused by increase in content in blood of catecholamines. Besides, T. use for the purpose of diagnosis of a pheochromocytoma (see Hromaffipom), for treatment of the hypertensive states connected with it and stopping of crises during an operative measure concerning this tumor.

Appoint subcutaneously, intramusculary or intravenously. At zabole-

the vaniye which are followed by disturbances of peripheric circulation, T. usually enter subcutaneously or intramusculary 1 — 2 ml of 1 or 2% of solution of 1 — 3 time a day within 10 — 20 days and more; for stopping of hypertensive crises — subcutaneously or intramusculary on 1 ml of 1 or 2% of solution. For diagnosis of a pheochromocytoma enter intravenously

1 ml of 1% of solution. At the same time decrease in systolic pressure more than on 80 mm of mercury., and diastolic — on 60 mm of mercury. within 1 — 1V2 min. it is regarded as a diagnostic character of a pheochromocytoma. For the prevention of hypertensive reactions during operative measures in neurosurgical practice of T. enter intravenously on

1 ml 1% of solution.

Side effect of drug is shown by tachycardia, dizziness. Development of an orthostatic collapse therefore during an injection and within 1 — 11/2 hours after it patients shall lie is possible.

Form of release: the ampoules containing 0,02 g of the lyophilized drug (before introduction contents of an ampoule are dissolved in water for injections). Store in the place protected from light.

See also Adrenolytic means, Antihypertensives.

K. A. Zaytseva.