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TROPATsYN (Tropacinum; GFH, joint venture. A) — holinoblokiruyushchy and protivoparkinsonichesky means; tropinovy ether diphenyl-acetic to - you are a hydrochloride; C22H25N02:

Crystal powder, white or white with a weak creamy shade. Let's easily dissolve in water, alcohol, chloroform, it is almost insoluble in ether and benzene; g°pl 212 — 216 °; pier. weight (weight) 371,91^

T. blocks peripheral and central m - and N-holinoretsepto-ry and suppresses their sensitivity to a mediator to acetylcholine. Blocking peripheral m-holinoretsep-Torahs, T. causes relaxation of smooth muscles of internals (intestines, a stomach, a uterus, bronchial tubes, an uric and gall bladder), expansion of pupils, reduction of secretion of salivary, bronchial glands and glands of a mucous membrane of a stomach. It oppresses the reactions caused by irritation of a vagus nerve and introduction cholinomimetic (acetylcholine, Carbacholinum, etc.) and antikholineste-different (prozerin, physostigmine, etc.) substances. T. slows down also carrying out nervous excitement in vegetative gangliya. Vasodilating effect of T. it is caused by both ganglioblokiruyushchy, and direct (myotropic) spasmolytic action on unstriated muscles of blood vessels.

The blocking influence of T. on N-ho-linoretseptory of c. the N of page in experimental conditions is shown by reduction of the spasms and hyperkinesias caused x about l in about mimt iches to ibi and (nicotine, arecoline) and anti-sincaline-esteraznymi the substances getting into c. N of page (physostigmine, Galantaminum). Like other ho-linoblokiruyushchy substances of the central action, T. causes changes of uslovnoreflektorny activity.

In neurology of T. apply at parkinsonism and other diseases of c. N of the page which are followed by increase in a muscle tone. At parkinsonism, Parkinson's disease, an akinetiko-rigid syndrome and other diseases which are characterized by extrapyramidal frustration, use of T. leads to decrease in rigidity, increase of rate of movements, revival of a mimicry, reduction of hypersalivation, improvement of the general condition of patients. At spastic paresis and paralyzes of pyramidal character drug is inefficient. At prolonged use of T. to lay down. the effect is gradually weakened. For increase in efficiency and duration to lay down. actions of T. it is reasonable to alternate it to other protivopar-kinsonichesky means from group of the central holinoblokator, napr, to Cyclodolum (see), Dinezinum (see). At parkinsonism of T., as well as others central a cholineregional eye Torah, it is possible to apply in combination with dofaminergichesky drugs, napr, with a levodopa (see Dioksifenil-alanin). T. use also as the proofreader at the antipsychotic syndrome developing at therapy by neuroleptics.

In clinic of internal diseases of T. appoint at the spazkhma of smooth muscles of abdominal organs, bronchial asthma and other states which are followed by increase in a tone of a vagus nerve and spasms of unstriated muscles. In obstetric practice of T. it is possible to apply as the antispasmodic which is slowing down sokratitelny activity of a uterus (at threat of premature births). T. it can be also used at treatment of poisonings cholinomimetic and anti-sincaline-esteraznymi by substances.

Apply T. usually inside (after food). In an initiation of treatment drug is appointed the adult on 0,01 — 0,0125 g of 1 — 2 time a day. At good tolerance the dose is increased to 0,015 — 0,02<? 2 — 3 times a day. To children of T. appoint depending on age in the following single doses: up to 3 years — 0,001 — 0,002 j;

3 — 5 years — 0,003 — 0,005 g; 6 — 9 years — 0,005 — 0,007 g; 10 — 12 years — 0,007 — 0,01 g

the Highest doses for adults: one-time 0,03 g, daily 0,1 g

Due to holinoblokiruyushchpm action of T. after its reception as side effects dryness in a mouth, expansion of pupils, tachycardia can be observed. In such cases it is necessary to reduce a dose or to accept drug before going to bed. T. it is contraindicated at a closed-angle form of glaucoma (see).

Forms of release: powder, tablets on 0,001; 0,003; 0,005; 0,01 and 0,015 g. Store in well corked container protecting from effect of light.

See also P rotivoparkinsoniche-sky means, Cholinolytic substances. m D. Mashkovsky.

TROPYZM VYRUSOV (Greek tropos turn, direction; viruses) — the term characterizing property of separate viruses to strike preferential these or those bodies and fabrics of the organism infected by them. The term «tropism of viruses» kept only historical value.

During creation of the first classifications of viruses of the data on their main localization in an organism used as the defining sign that led to allocation of a number of families and childbirth with the corresponding names (adenoviruses, intestinal viruses — enteroviruses, etc.) which remained and in modern classifications (see Viruses). Bibliography: JI at r and I am S. and c of river. The general virology, the lane with it., M., 1981; The General and private virology, under the editorship of V. M., Zhdanov and S. Ya. Gaydamovich, t. 1 — 2, M., 1982: Fenner F. and d river. Biology

of viruses of animals, the lane with English, t. 1 — 2, M., 1977.