TROITSK Ivan Vissarionovich

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TROITSK Ivan Vissarionovich (1856 — 1923) is a domestic pediatrician.

In 1878 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. In 1883 protected dokt.

the thesis on a subject about epidemic parotitis. Since 1886 the privatdozent Kiev un-that; since 1903 professor of pediatrics Kharkiv un-that, and from 1919 to 1923 the head of the department of pediatrics organized by it in ESA-terinoslavsky (nowadays Dnipropetrovsk) un-those.

Belongs to I. V. Troitsky St. 150 scientific works, including several guides to pediatrics and hygiene of children's age, work on history of pediatrics. Its «Course of lectures by diseases of children's age» (1889) was in Ukraine the first guide to pediatrics. Part of works I. V. Troitsky it is devoted to pharmacology, antenatal prevention, hygiene of children, clarification of an etiology and pathogeny of nurseries inf. diseases. Its works made a contribution to justification of a conclusion

0 influence of social and economic conditions on developing of rickets and level of child mortality, and also need of holding actions for health protection of mother and the child (labor protection of pregnant women, reduction of duration of the working day, the device of a children's day nursery, etc.).

I. V. Troitsky was one of initiators of the organization about-va children's doctors in Kiev (1900), Kharkiv (1912), creations of department of the Union of fight against child mortality in Kharkiv (1906), convocation of the first International congress of pediatricians (1912). He is an initiator and one of organizers

of 1 All-Russian congress of pediatricians (1912). I. V. Troitsky participated in work of a number of the international medical congresses (1894, 1897, 1900, 1903, 1906).

Works: Materials to the doctrine about an epidemic periparotit, a yew., SPb., 1883; The Course of lectures about diseases of children's age, Kiev, 1889; Public measures of fight against a rakhitizm, Doctor, gas., No. 20, page 533, No. 21, page 561, 1906; The Doctrine about children's diseases, century 1, Kharkiv, 1908; Hygiene of children's age, SPb., 1912; Scientific works of the French pediatricians within four last centuries, Zap. Harkovsk. un-that, book 2, page 22, Kharkiv, 1913.

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