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TRIPELFOSFAT (a synonym stru-

Vit) — magnesium phosphate — ammonium, double magnesium phosphate and ammonium, Mg(NH)4P04-6H20, a crystal component of an urocheras. T. drops out at alkalinization of urine, e.g., at food preferential vegetable food, drink of alkaline mineral waters, an inflammation of a bladder, alkaline fermentation of the urine which is already emitted from an organism, etc. The analysis of an inorganic urocheras (see) and detection of T. big a wedge, and have no diagnostic value. Tripelfosfat is a part of phosphate urinary stones (see).

Crystals of T., having an appearance of hexagonal prisms, are easily dissolved in acetic to - that and mineral to-takh (e.g., in salt to - those), it is difficult — in organic solvents.

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