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TRIOMBRYN (Triombrinum) — X-ray contrast means. Sodium salt 2,4,6-triyod-3,5-dia ~ tsetit aminobenzoic to - you.

It is excluded from the nomenclature of pharmaceuticals (the order of the Minister of Health of the USSR No. 630 of June 10, 1981).

In the USSR instead of T. for use as X-ray contrast means drug triombrast is offered (Triombrastum), to-ry represents mix of sodium and N-methylglucamine salts: 2, 4, 6-triyod-Z, 5 diacetyl aminobenzoic to - you (in the ratio 1: 7).

Triombrast it can be used for an aortografiya (see), angiocardiography (see), peripheral arteriography (see), flebografiya (see), splenoportografiya (see), excretory and to an inf of a raffia, hot at a horn, (see), a retrograde piyelografiya, (see) and tsistografiya (see).

Form of release of a triombrast: 50% solution in ampoules on 20 ml.

JI. S. Rozenshtraukh.