TRINKLER Nikolay Petrovich

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TRYNKLER Nikolay Petrovich (1859 — 1925) is the Soviet surgeon, professor (1905).

Ended in 1884 medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. In 1889 it was improved in E. Bergmann's clinic. One of the first I Kharkiv entered an aseptic method into a wedge, practice. In 1889 protected dokt. the thesis on «To Surgery of Cross Fractures of Patella». Since 1905 professor of department of surgical pathology and therapy Kharkiv un-that. Since 1913 professor of faculty surgical clinic.

N. P. Trinkler is the author of 78 scientific works. The largest works are devoted to questions of oncology (about a blood analysis at oncological patients, about mechanical origins of cancer). Together with B. G. Prevalsky and S. V. Korshun published the monograph about a role of inflammatory processes in an etiology of cancer. Its monograph «Bases of Modern Treatment of Wounds» (1926) had important practical value. He also investigated problems of an etiology, a pathogeny and surgical treatment of thrombophlebitis.

N. P. Trinkler took active part in the edition of the Medical Business magazine.

Works: To surgery of cross fractures of patella, a yew., Kharkiv, 1889; About syphilis visceralis and its manifestations in the form of surgical diseases, Russian zhurn. skin. and veins. Bol., t. 4, No. 7, page 26, No 8, page 140, No. 9, page 254, 1902; Bases of modern treatment of wounds, Kharkiv, 1926; Chronic inflammations and malignant new growths. m. (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: And p e N d A. A. t and M. S Falcon. Memories of the prof. N. P. Trink-ler (By 30th anniversary from the date of death), It is new. hir. arkh., No. 2 (197), page 87, 1955; Kudintsev I. Nikolay Petrovich Trinkler, Saturday. in honor of the 40 anniversary nauch., doctor, and ped. deyateln. N. P. Trinklera, page VII, Kharkiv, 1925.