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TRIHOTILLOMANYYa (Greek thrix, trichos of hair + tillein to pinch, pull out - f mania madness, frenzy) — the psychopathological symptom which is shown an insuperable inclination to wrest of the hair.

It is for the first time described by the fr. dermatologist F. A. Allopo in 1889.

Meets at children and women more often. T. it is observed at neurotic states, schizophrenia, and also at organic diseases of a brain. In development of T. at children mental injuries matter.

At T. sites to a time-deniya of hair or the baldness on a pilar part of the head, a pubis, and also eyebrows, eyelashes symmetrized, as a rule, are noted. Sites of baldness can be single or multiple, skin on these sites normal, mouths of follicles of hair are accurately designated. Usually patients do not fix attention on the actions or even deny them. Option T. is three-hotemnomaniya — selective wrest of a gray hair in the presence of an itch of the head that, on assurances of patients, facilitates an itch.

Patogistol. a picture at T. it is characterized by lack of inflammatory and atrophic changes in epidermis and sebaceous glands, existence of horn traffic jams in mouths of follicles of hair, involution of a root vagina and a matrix of a hair. Many of again grown hair are thinned and have the narrowed hypopigmented terminations.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of clinical, and in doubtful cases — histologic data. T. differentiate with a gnezdny alopecia (see) and syphilitic baldness (see Syphilis).

Treatment of T. carry out by psychopharmacological means (see), appoint inside sulfur,

vitamin A, apply psychotherapy (see).

The forecast depends on a basic disease.

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