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TRIHOMONATsYD (Trichomonaci-dum; GFH, joint venture. B) — protivotrikho-monadny means. 2 (4-Nitrosti-ril) - 4 (1-methyl-4-diethylaminobutyl-амино) - a 6-metoksikhinolina triphosphate; C27H34N403*3H3P04:

Yellow or ocherous amorphous powder of bitter taste, inodorous. Let's dissolve in water, it is almost insoluble in alcohol and ether; pier. weight (weight) 756,6.

Has high performance concerning trichomonads. Apply to treatment of diseases of the urinogenital bodies caused by Trichomonas vaginalis (see the Trichomoniasis). To women it is appointed locally in the form of the vaginal suppositories containing 0,05 g of Trichomonacidum, to-rye entered within 10 days into a vagina for the night after syringing. Treatment is carried out after the termination of periods throughout three menstrual cycles. Along with it during a course of treatment it is recommended to process 3 — 4 times an urethra and the cervical channel of 1% solution of drug. To men within 5 — 6 days enter into an urethra 10 ml of 1% of solution of drug for 10 — 15 min. The course of treatment is repeated in 10 — 20 days.

Along with topical administration of T. appoint inside after food the adult 0,3 g a day (in 2 — 3 receptions) within 3 — 5 days. To children the dose of drug is reduced according to age.

In high concentration of T. can render local irritant action on mucous membranes in this connection at women is after administration of suppositories, and men after washing mocheispuskatelno

go the channel can have plentiful allocations and painful feelings. In this case it is necessary to stop treatment temporarily.

Contraindications to use of T. are not established.

Form of release: the powder, tablets and vaginal suppositories containing 0,05 g of drug. Powder is stored in banks of orange glass, tablet — in the place protected from light in usual conditions.

See also Antimecotic means. N. Yu. Moskalenko.