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TRIAMTERENUM (Triamterenum; synonym: Pterofenum, Dyren, Noridyl, Tria-mteren, etc.; SI. B) — diuretic. 2, 4, 7-Triamino-6-fenplpteridin; C12N7Hn:

We will dissolve in water a little, we will dissolve in organic solvents, it is non-hygroscopic.

Diuretic effect of T. it is caused by moderate increase in renal elimination of ions of sodium, chlorine and water. Unlike other diuretics, napr, a dichlothiazide (see), T. does not strengthen at the same time allocation of potassium ions and possesses so-called kaliysbe-regayushchy action. T. reduces also allocation with urine of hydrogen ions. Affecting preferential distal department of nephron, T. reduces permeability lyume-nalny (turned into a gleam of a tubule) membranes for ions of sodium. Along with it removal of potassium ions from cells in a gleam of a tubule decreases. Unlike spiro but the laptop and (see) causes diuretic effect irrespective of the level of Aldosteronum (see) in blood.

T. it is easily soaked up from went. - kish. path. Diuretic action after intake is noted in 15 — 20 min., the maximum effect is observed for 2 — 6 hours after reception. It is metabolized in a liver with education

2, 4, 7-triamino-b-/?-oksifenilpte-ridina and conjugates with a chamois to - that. To 30% of the accepted dose it is removed with urine in not changed look.

Apply at the hypostases caused by a circulatory unefficiency, cirrhosis, a nephrotic syndrome. Usually T. appoint in a combination with diuretics from among derivatives of a benzotia-diazine (a dichlothiazide, etc.) for reduction caused by them hypo-paliyemii (see), especially at their prolonged use. In combination with a dichlothiazide (see) T. use in complex treatment of an idiopathic hypertensia.

Appoint inside the adult 0,05 — 0,1 — 0,2 g a day in 1 — 2 reception after a breakfast and a lunch. At joint appointment with a dichlothiazide and drugs, close to it, a dose of T. reduce.

Side effect of T. the hl is shown. obr. nausea, vomiting, headaches, decrease in the ABP. At prolonged use perhaps small increase in level of residual nitrogen of blood, development of a gp-perkaliyemiya (especially at decrease in glomerular filtering at patients with acute or hron. renal failure). Usually the phenomena of a hyperpotassemia pass at reduction of a dose of drug or at co-administration of diuretics from group of derivatives of a benzotia-dpazin.

Against the background of treatment of T., especially at a renal failure or a hypoaldosteronism, it is not necessary to appoint drugs of potassium in order to avoid development of a giperpaliyemiya (see).

Form of release: the capsules containing 0,05 g of drug. Under the name «Triampur compositum» release also the tablets containing 0,025 g of Triamterenum and 0,0125 g of a dichlothiazide.

See also Diuretics. Bibliography: To n an u f H. and.

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