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TRIAMCINOLONUM [Triamcinolonum, synonym: Polcortolonum (P), Adcortyl,

Albacort, Aristocort, Delsolone, Flogi-cort, Fluosterolone, Kenacort, Leder-cort, Triamcinolone, Triamcort, Omci-lon, etc.; joint venture. B] — the synthetic analog of glucocorticoid hormones surpassing them in expressiveness of antiinflammatory and antiallergenic action; 9a-fluorine-16a-oxyprednisolonum:

On a chemical structure and action of T. it is close to a depsametazon (see) and is the activest of the known synthetic portiposteroi-d (see); it by 3 — 5 times surpasses in antiinflammatory action gidroportizon (see).

T. apply orally to treatment of a pseudorheumatism (see), the disseminated prasny volchanpa (see), splerodermiya (see), neurodermatitis (see), and also bronchial asthma (see), thyroidites (see the Thyroiditis), epzema (see), allergic diseases (see Allergichespy diseases), a glomerulonephritis (see), a nefrotichespy syndrome (see).

Dose of T. establish depending on character and disease severity. The daily dose (usually 4 — 8 — 20 mg) is divided into 3 — 4 receptions, drug is accepted after food. On reaching therapeutic effect a dose of T. reduce to the minimum supporting.


Drug is well transferred. In therapeutic doses of T. less than other corticosteroids influences water and electrolytic exchange (see the Water salt metabolism) and almost does not cause a delay of water and sodium in an organism.

Sudden termination of introduction of T. can cause a so-called withdrawal (see Corticosteroids) therefore the termination of treatment of T., as well as other corticosteroids, shall be gradual. At prolonged use of high doses or hypersensitivity of an organism to Triamcinolonum the complications which are expressed in redistribution of hypodermic cellulose on cushingoid type can develop (see. It is also tenacious — Cushing a disease), emergence of striya, a hirsutism (see), in disturbances of a trophicity of skin, a menstrual cycle (see) at women, development of osteoporosis (see), tolerances to glucose, increase in the ABP, a hypopotassemia (see), in nervous and mental disturbances. For reduction of by-effects and complications at use of T. the method of discontinuous introduction of T is offered., and also simultaneous administration of drugs of potassium (see), anabolic steroids (see) and observance of a diet with the reduced content of sodium (sodium chloride) and restriction of liquid and carbohydrates.

Drug is contraindicated at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, active forms of tuberculosis, pregnancy, a diabetes mellitus, at severe forms of an idiopathic hypertensia, a hypercorticoidism, cardiovascular insufficiency of the II—III degree, mental disturbances.

Form of release: tablets on

0,004 g.

For external use the ointment containing 0,1% of Triamcinolonum of acetonide is produced — Ftorokortum (Ftorocort, Phthorocort), rendering antiinflammatory, antiallergic, anti-exudative and antipruritic action. Apply in the form of vtiraniye 2 — 3 times a day at eczema, neurodermatitises, psoriasis, inflammatory and allergic diseases of skin.

Form of release: in tubas on 15 g

See also Glucocorticoid hormones.

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