TRETYAKOV Konstantin Nikolaevich

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TRETYAKOV Konstantin Nikolaevich (1892 — 1956) is the Soviet neuropathologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1945).

In 1916 ended medical f-t Parisian un-that and till 1923 the expert

sistenty departments of nervous diseases in hospital Salpetrper worked.

In 1919 protected dokt. the thesis on

the subject «Patologich E with to and I Am Anatomy of Black Zem-meringa Substance with Neko Tory Debatable Questions of a Pathogeny of Disturbance of a Muscle Tone at Parkinson's Disease», for to-ruyu it is awarded a silver medal of the winner Parisian un-that. In 1924 — 1926 the manager. a scientific part Central psychoneurological-tsy in San Paulo (Brazil); in 1924 founded the South American medical magazine «Memorias do Hospicio de Juqueri». In 1926 — 1931 worked as the research associate in Leningrad psychoneurological in-those. In 1931 — 1956 professor, the department chair of nervous diseases Saratov medical in-that.

K. N. Tretyakov published St. 100 scientific works. He is a creator of the conventional so-called nigerny theory of parkinsonism (see. Trembling paralysis), the specialist in the field of studying of cerebrospinal liquid and one of creators of the doctrine about a rakhitermometriya (see. Cerebrospinal liquid). Described a syndrome of occlusion of a silviyev of a water supply system and «a mimic ataxy of neurotics»; phenomena of likvorno-uric parallelism; peculiar form of poliomyelitis of adults; histopathology of separate forms of hereditary diseases. Offered classification of wet brain, a method of treatment traumatic' parkinsonism p surdomutisms atropine, use of diuretics at sou-dorozheo-distonpcheskikh states.

K. N. Tretyakov was a member of the Academic council of M3 of RSFSR; board member. All-Union about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists; honourable h l of e 11 about m - to about p p e with p about N d e N of t about m scientific

about-in neuropathologists of France, Austria and Italy.

«Sign of Honour» is awarded the order.

Works:& Contribution l'etude de G anatomie pathologique du locus niger de Soemmering avee quelques deductions relatives a la pa-thogenie des troubles du tonus musculaire et de la maladie de Parkinson, P., 1919; Mimic ataxy of neurotics, Works of Saratov -'. medical in-that, t. 1, p. 6, page 99, Saratov, 1936; Method of clinical studying of temperature of cerebrospinal liquid, Neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 12, No. 4, page 62, 1943; Works of department of nervous diseases of the Saratov medical institute, 1948 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition); Neuralgia and their treatment, Saratov, 1949 (sovm. with Faktorovich A. M.).

Bibliography: P about p about in I am M. D. N and

M about l of tubs of V. V., K. N. Tretyakov, Saratov, 1978, bibliogr. V. V. Molchanov.