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TRENDELENBURG Friedrich (Trendelenburg Friedrich, 1844 — 1924) — the German surgeon.

Studied in England at J. The l used up and. Finished education in Germany and there were an assistant with V. L and also gays-beka. As the doctor was involved in wars with Austria and France. After short-term management of surgical department in Berlin worked at departments of a hprur-gpa of high fur boots of Rostock, then Bonn, and since 1895 Leipzig.

Devoted almost all the works of F. Trendelenburg to questions of diagnosis in surgery and the surgical equipment. Many from lredlo wives and y x to them methods, the described symptoms and signs, were strongly included into an arsenal of modern surgery.

Name F. Treidelen-burga nek-ry symptoms of a varicosity and congenital dislocation of a hip joint, its varicosity operation of bandaging of a big saphena (v. saphena magna) (Troyanov's method — Trendelenburga) carry, a method of bandaging of veins at septicopyemic processes, position of the patient at operations on bodies of a small pelvis (see Trendelenburga situation). F. Trendelenburg suggested to make an embolectomy at a thromboembolism of a pulmonary artery, to-ruyu for the first time in 1924 Kirchner successfully carried out (M. of Kir-schner). Among pupils F. Trendelenburga there is G. of Permec, M. V to an ilma, etc.

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