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TRASILBL (Trasylol) — inhibitor of proteolytic enzymes. Receive from parotid glands of cattle. Relatives on action the drugs received from parotid glands, lungs or a pancreas of animals are issued iod names: Contrykal, Gordoxum, iniprol, ingitril.

T. is the ultrafiltered substance about a pier. it is powerful (weighing) 6500±200, is steady against temperature influence, is stable in neutral and acid medium. In strong alkaline condition and under the influence of urea activity of T. sharply decreases.

Effective agent of T. the polypeptide inhibiting activity of trypsin, chymotrypsin, kallikrein and fibrinolysin is. Activity of T. it is expressed in anti-tryptic PIECES; 1 PIECE inactivates 0,8 mkg of trypsin.

Like other inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes T. it is effective at diseases, in a pathogeny to-rykh biologically active polypeptides of blood and fabrics, in particular the kinina (see) possessing the expressed vasoactive action play a role. T. suppresses activity of kinin system by the inhibition of kallikrein and other enzymes having kininobrazu-yushchy activity.

Therapeutic concentration of T. in blood and fabrics it can be reached at intravenous and vnutriar-terialny administration since in intestines drug collapses, and at intramuscular introduction only a small part it is soaked up in blood. Elimination half-life of T. at single intravenous administration in a dose of 1000 — 2000 PIECES/kg makes apprx. 10 min. in this connection it is reasonable to administer the drug ~ pelno. The highest concentration of T. in a pancreas, a liver, a gall bladder it is possible to receive at its introduction to umbilical vessels, and also by catheterization of a pancreatic artery. T. selectively collects in a pancreas. At acute pancreatitis accumulation of drug in it is twice higher, than normal.

T. apply to treatment of acute pancreatitis (see), allergic reactions, sepsis (see). T. oppresses thrombin system thanks to influence on dlazmin, kallikrein and thromboplastin also in this regard is applied also as antifib-rinolitichesky cure for various bleedings and a giperfib-rinoliza (see. Styptic means).

At acute pancreatitis and sepsis of T. enter in a dose 150 000 — 200 000 PIECES a day kapelno vnug-rivenno. Sometimes at acute pancreatitis of T. enter into a vein struyno 50 000 — 75 000 PIECES 2 — 3 times a day. Drug is dissolved in isotonic solution of sodium of chloride or in 5% solution of glucose. Treatment continue a lab before improvement of a condition of the patient and normalization. indicators (activity of trypsin and amylase of blood, amylase of urine).

Side effect of T. it is most often shown by allergic reactions and a hyperthermia, to-rye hl are caused. obr. impurity of ballast proteins owing to insufficient purification of drug. Such effects usually do not meet during the use of vysokoochshtsshny drugs of inhibitors of proteolysis, napr, Gordoxum.

A contraindication to use of T. fibrinferments, thromboembolisms, hypersensitivity to drug serve.

Form of release: in ampoules on

5 ml containing 25 000 PIECES of drug. Store in the place protected from light.

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