TRAPP Yuli Karlovic

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TRAPP Yuli Karlovic (1815 — 1908) is a domestic druggist, professor (1856).

Got secondary pharmaceutical education in Warsaw, in 1842

graduated from pharmaceutical department of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Since 1848 worked in the same place at department of pharmacy, to-ruyu headed from 1856 to 1877. In 1868 was entitled the academician St. Petersburg medico-hirurgiche-skoy academy, in 1877 — honored professor.

Yu. K. Trapp was known as the brilliant lecturer and the experimenter. It prepared a number of textbooks and guides to pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, judicial chemistry and compounding. He is the author of seven pharmacopeias, including the first edition of the Russian military pharmacopeia (1866). Conducted a chemical research of water of Neva, Lake Ladoga, the St. Petersburg channels, etc. Yu. K. Trapp created school of druggists. He would be profes-litter-consultant St. Petersburg for unskilled workers; member of the commissions on preparation of drugs, to improvement of work of military-medical administration, drawing up the new hospital charter; member of the committee on review of military-medical catalogs. In 1863 for merits in the field of chemistry and pharmacy Yu. K. Trapp is awarded degrees of the doctor of philosophy Konigsberg un-that. It was the full and honorary member of many domestic and foreign scientific about-in doctors and druggists. Works: The first grants at poisoning with toxic agents and a judicial and chemical research of the major poisons, SPb., 1863; The Management to a pharmacognosy, t. 1 — 2, SPb., 1868; Pharmaceutical operations and compounding, SPb., 1876, 1880; Manuals for a judicial and chemical research of poisons, SPb., 1877; Pharmaceutical chemistry, century 1 — 2, SPb., 1882 — 1885; The First grants at poisoning with the instruction on antidotes, SPb., 1887.

Bibliography: Ilyin JI. T. A short historical sketch of department of pharmacy and pharmaceutical department of Impera-

of torsky Army medical college, with * 61, SPb., 1899, L. D. Ryabykh.