TRAPEZNIKOV Nikolay Nikolaevich

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TRAPEZNIKOV Nikolay Nikolaevich (sort. in 1928) — the Soviet oncologist, the academician of AMH (1978), the winner of the State prekhmiya of the USSR (1977). The member of the CPSU since 1952.

Ended in

1952. Gorky medical in-t. Since 1955 works in All-Union oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (Ying t of experimental and clinical oncology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences earlier). Since 1965 head of department of the general oncology. Along with 1968 the deputy director of All-Union oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and since 1975 the department chair of oncology of the 1st MMI. In 1964 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Treatment of Primary Tumours of Bones». Since 1967 professor.

H. N. Trapeznikov is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including 9 monographs; under its edition were published the textbook on oncology and 8 collections of scientific works. The main direction of its researches — development of diagnostic methods and treatment of tumors of bones, soft tissues, a melanoma of skin. A number of its works is devoted to a problem of the choice of a method of surgical treatment at malignant and high-quality new growths of bones, to studying of opportunities of chemotherapy of sarcomas of bones, including use of regional introduction of antineoplastic means, their preventive use for the prevention of hematogenous dissimination of an osteosarcoma, Ewing's tumor and retik at-losarkomy a bone. It developed techniques of use of the frozen cadaveric allokost at safe operations for tumors of bones. For work «Experimental justification, clinical development and deployment in practice of a method of change of large bone allotransplants to the person». H. N. Trapeznikov with group of employees in 1977 is conferred the State award USSR. He carried out a cycle of researches on regional chemotherapy of tumors of extremities by perfusion of antineoplastic means. In the course of these researches II. N. Trapeznikov with coauthors in 1962 developed the first in our country test apparatus of artificial circulation for partial perfusion (AIK-RP-62) noted by medals and an award of ENEA. H. N. Trapeznikov headed studying of a melanoma of skin from positions of assessment of efficiency of various methods of treatment, including an immunotherapy.

H. N. Trapeznikov the deputy of the Moscow Council (since 1977), the chairman Nauchnogo about-va oncologists of Moscow and the Moscow region, the member of presidium of board All-Union and All-Russian scientific about-in oncologists, the deputy editor-in-chief redot-put «Oncology» of BME, the deputy editor-in-chief of «The medical abstract magazine». H. N. Trapeznikov is the vice-president of the International anticarcinogenic union, the head of the National center for diagnosis and treatment of melanomas (WHO), the deputy head of the Coordination center for oncology of SEV.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Treatment of primary tumors of bones, yew., M., 1964; Regional long

intra arterial chemotherapy of malignant tumors, M., 1970 (sovm.

with other); Pigmental nevus and new growths of skin. M, 1976 (sovm. with other); Kli-nichna an immunotherapy on cancer, Sofia, 1977 (sovm. with other); Primary tumors of pelvic bones, M., 1978 (sovm. from Grigorovy T. M.); Plastic surgeries at malignant tumors of skin, M., 1979 (sovm. with other); Recovery treatment of patients after operations for tumors of a musculoskeletal system, Tashkent, J981 (sovm. with other); Malignant tumors of soft tissues of extremities and trunk, Kiev, 1981 (sovm. with other); Oncology, M., 198J

(edition sovm. with Ekhardt Sh.); Sarcomas to * sty, Tashkent, 1983 (sovm. with other).

L. A. Eremina.