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TO THE GREENHOUSE (Teplice) — one of the oldest balneogryazevy resorts of ChSSR, is located in 85 km from Prague in the North Czech area, at a foot Krushnykh Gore at the height of 230 m above sea-level. The resort town differs in abundance of gardens and parks. From the North of T. it is protected from cold winds by the mountains covered with the wood. The climate is foothill, equal, it is characterized by small variability of daily temperature variations. The summer is solar, moderately warm (average monthly temperature of July 17,3 °). Winter soft. An annual average amount of precipitation apprx. 600 mm.

Resort town Toeplitz.

The major medical factor of the resort are radioactive thermal (temperature from 30 to 42 °) mineral waters. Mineral sources of T. are known apprx. 2000. For balneoterapiya (see) — bathtubs, flourishes, irrigations, inhalations — generally use low-mineralized waters of two main sources of Pravrzhidlo and «Mountain Praminum», relating to carbonic gidrokarbonatno - sulfate-sodium. Contents radon (see) in water of a source «Mountain Praminum» reaches 60,8 nkyuri/l.

Near T. there are fields of terrestrial peats (see. therapeutic muds ), applied to mud applications; for this purpose peat is mixed with mineral water (see. Torfolecheniye ).

In the Greenhouse there are a lot of specialized sanatoria for adults and children, well equipped resort policlinic, a balneolechebnitsa with the pool for bathing in mineral water; for bathings there is a closed swimming pool in the winter.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases and effects of injuries of a musculoskeletal system, a peripheral nervous system, a disease of peripheral vessels of extremities (an obliterating endarteritis and atherosclerosis, the postponed thrombophlebitis and phlebitis), children's encephalopathies (Littl's disease, cerebral palsy).

V. V. Poltoranov.