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TO KALVA DISEASE (J. Calve, fr. surgeon, 1875 — 1954; synonym: platyspondylia, vertebra plana, vertebra osteonecrotica) — osteochondropathy of a body of a vertebra.

the Roentgenogram of chest department of a backbone in a side projection. Osteochondropathy of a body of a vertebra (disease to Kalva): the arrow specified the affected vertebra.

For the first time described a disease to Kalva in 1925. To. occurs very seldom, preferential at children of 4 — 12 years. The osteochondropathy of a body of a vertebra develops as a result of disturbance of its blood supply, the reasons to-rogo are not clear. One vertebra in nizhnegrudny or verkhnepoyasnichny departments of a backbone is surprised. The first and main symptom incremental pain in the affected vertebra is. At a palpation of a backbone local morbidity, a limited muscle tension and a small vystupaniye of an acantha of the affected vertebra is noted. The general or local temperature reaction and changes in a gemogramma are absent. Rentgenol, a symptom complex — a platibrakhispondiliya, i.e. flattening of a body of a vertebra and its expansion. Height of a body of a vertebra decreases both in front, and in back departments, and it takes a form of the narrow strip acting kpered on several millimeters (fig). Intervertebral disks in this site are expanded.

Differential diagnosis it has to be carried out with anomaly of development of a body of a vertebra, with malignant tumors, a platyspondylia of the inborn and acquired character (see. Backbone, pathology ), marble vertebra (see), lymphogranulomatosis (see), posttraumatic spondylitis (see).

Philosophy of conservative treatments — the exception of axial loads of a backbone that is reached by long unloading (bed rest), reclination (it is desirable in a plaster bed) and to lay down. physical culture in horizontal position of the patient. In the subsequent appoint carrying a rekliniruyushchy corset, A, D, E vitamins, uv radiation, sanatorium treatment. Duration of treatment (on average 2 — 5 years) depends on localization and degree of a compression of a vertebra. Surgical reclination of a backbone Tsivyan's fixer coupler — Ramikh or special brackets allows to achieve recovery of height of a body of a vertebra in shorter terms (1 — 2 years).

Forecast diseases it is favorable. What it is diagnosed earlier by To., that more fullly recovers a form and structure of a body of a vertebra. At treatment in a stage of the expressed deformation of a body of a vertebra remains small angular kyphosis (see), wedge-shaped deformation of a body of a vertebra and roughness of switching plates. In the subsequent in adjacent intervertebral disks develops osteochondrosis (see).

See also Osteochondropathy .

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