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To JAFFA REACTION (M. Jaffe, is mute. the doctor, 1841 — 1911) — color reaction to creatinine, to-ry in alkaline condition reacts with picric acid with formation of connection of red-orange color; intensity of the developed coloring is proportional to concentration of creatinine and can be measured colorimetric. Jaffe in 1886 is offered.

On I. the ruble is based a number of colorimetric methods of definition of creatinine (see Creatine), to-rye differ on a way of sedimentation of proteins of plasma or blood serum. E.g., by Folin's method (O.K.O. of Folin, 1904) of a squirrel besiege sodium tungstate, and by Popper's method (N. Popper) and coauthors — picric to - that. Concentration of creatine determine after its turning into creatinine by heating at high temperature in the presence of salt to - you.

I. the river is not strictly specific concerning creatinine since many pseudo-creatinine substances react with picric to - that with formation of the painted products that can cause the seeming increase in content of creatinine in blood serum. From the methods based on I. the ruble, is considered the most specific the determination of content of creatinine in blood and urine offered by Popper and sotr. In the USSR this method is among unified.

The content of creatinine in blood serum determined by Popper's method is normal makes

0,5 — 1 zhg/100 ml at women and

0,5 — 1,15 .mg/100 ml — at men. In daily amount of urine is normal by Popper's method is defined

by 0,5 — 2 g of creatinine.

Strengthening of creatinine in blood can be caused by excess receipt with foodstuff of creatine or at the states which are followed by disturbance of exchange and release of endogenous creatine i.e. at diseases of muscular system, at intestinal impassability, damages of a liver, nephrite, a pseudorheumatism, a diabetes mellitus, a hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular insufficiency, etc. (see the Creatinemia, to Creatine a riya).

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