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TO ISTIS — the balneological mountain resort in a subtropical zone of the Azerbaijani SSR. It is located at the height of 2225 m above sea-level in mountains of Lesser Caucasus, in the deep gorge on the bank of the river Terterchay in the beauty spot dense with the Alpine vegetation, in 190 km from the station Yevlakh Azerbaijani. Curative properties of mineral sources And. were known to the population in 12 century, but their studying began after establishment of the Soviet power in Azerbaijan. The resort functions since 1927.

the Bathing building in the resort of Istisu (on the right — sanatorium).

The climate is characterized in moderately warm summer (in July — August average monthly t ° 16 — 18 °), in moderately soft winter (in January average monthly t ° apprx. — 6 °). Winter preferential solar with steady snow cover. Rainfall in a year apprx. 600.y, at most (more than 100 mm a month) it falls on May and June. Pure mountain air and abundance of solar radiation are characteristic of the resort.

The basic to lay down. means of the resort are thermal (t ° 58 — 71 °) the sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium and hloridno-hydrocarbonate sodium waters used for drinking treatment, bathtubs, inhalations, intestinal washings, etc. Mineralnye Vody is close on the structure to drinking waters Dzhermuk to the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic and waters like Shprudel in Karlovy Vary to ChSSR; one of groups of sources And. (Bagyrsakhsky group) treats cold radon waters (content of radon from 160 to 380 nkyuri/l). The general mineralization of waters of the resort makes 5,7 — 7,0 g/l, the amount of carbonic acid fluctuates ranging from 0,6 to 1,5 g/l, silicon to - you — from 0,165 to 0,202 g/l, arsenic — from 0,001 to 0,0015 g/l.

In the resort the sanatorium, the bathing building, resort policlinic, the plant of pouring of mineral waters with power up to 20 million bottles a year function.

Indications: hron, diseases went. - kish. a path, a liver and bilious ways, disbolism (a diabetes mellitus, gout, urate diathesis, an oksaluriya, a fosfaturiya), a disease of urinary tract and a musculoskeletal system of not tubercular character, a disease of cardiovascular system without disturbance of blood circulation, a disease of a peripheral nervous system.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table . Private contraindications to the direction to the mountain resort are diseases of cardiovascular system with disturbance of blood circulation.

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