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TRYoMA (Greek trema a hole, an opening) — an interval between nearby teeth. More often trema are multiple. The interval between medial cutters is called a diastem (see).

Distinguish fiziol. and patol. trema. Fiziol. T. are formed at children to mo-

by Fig. Outward of top and bottom frontal teeth at the child of five years: multiple trema.

to the cop of change of milk teeth by constants due to growth of jaws (fig). Lack of T. at 5-year-old children points to a growth inhibition of these bones and demands carrying out with from vets in at yushch and x to r r igir uyushch x

actions. T., not exceeding 0,5 — 0,7 mm, consider option of norm. T. more than 1 mm are considered as pathological; they are observed at various anomalies and deformations of maxillofacial area: large jaws at small teeth, a partial edentia, accessory teeth, a retention of separate teeth, a microdontism, anomalies of a shape of teeth, a protrusion of foreteeth, etc. (see Teeth, the Bite).

Emergence of T. at persons 30 — 50 years often are aged more senior is a sign of destructive processes in fabrics of a parodont (see) and is caused by a decrease of a bone tissue of tooth sockets and shift of teeth. Sometimes T. in separate groups of teeth can be caused by a tumor of a jaw.

Treatment orthodontic (see. Orthodontic methods of treatment), sometimes in combination with operational. At adults at inefficiency of the specified methods according to esthetic indications teeth cover with crowns. century of V. Zhilin.