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TOUR Alexander Fedorovich (1894 — 1974) is the Soviet pediatrician, the academician of AMH (1952), zasl. scientist (1947), winner of the Lenin award (1970).

After the termination in 1919 VMA served in Red Army (till 1924) and at the same time (1921 — 1930) worked in the children's clinic of an akadekhmiya headed by M. S. Maslov. In 1924 protected dokt. the thesis about a proteinotherapy and its influence on an organism of the child. From 1924 to 1930 worked in Leningrad state in-those on studying of a brain and at the same time (since 1925) in Ying-those protection of motherhood and an infancy (since 1935 — Leningrad state pediatric medical with in-t) where organized and headed departments of physiology, hygiene and a dietetics of the child (1930), propaedeutics of children's diseases (1934). In 1939 organized also department of hospital pediatrics which managed until the end of life. Since 1934 but 1941.

A. F. A tour was also the department chair of physiology and a dietetics in Leningrad in-those improvements of doctors of S. M. Kirov.

A. F. A tour — the author more than 250 scientific works, including 7 monographs,

4 reference books, 7 textbooks and the managements. Its scientific research was devoted anatomo-fiziol. to features of a children's organism, education of healthy children; to a dietetics of the healthy and sick child; neonatology, hematology of children's age; to rickets and its prevention; a nutritional dystrophy at children in besieged Leningrad; children's endocrinology. For a cycle of works on physiology and pathology of the children of early age promoting falloff of incidence and child mortality it is conferred the Lenin award (together with G. N. Speransky and Yu. F. Dombrovska). Created school of sciences of pediatricians.

A. F. A tour was a member of editorial board and the editor-in-chief «Pediatrics» of BME, the member of editorial boards of magazines «Pediatriya», «Voprosy okhrany materinstva i detstva», «Excerpta Medica», the multivolume guide to pediatrics redotdet. It was elected the deputy of the Leningrad city council of People's Deputies, the chairman of boards All-Russian, Leningrad and the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny about-in children's doctors; honorary member of Czechoslovak Medical society of Ya. Purkinye (1959), societies of pediatricians of Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), Patriotic wars of the 1st degree, the Labour Red Banner, medals.

Works: Proteinotherapy and its influence on an organism of the child, yew., L., 1924; Frustration of food and digestion at children of chest age, M. - — JI., 1928 (sovm. with Maslovy M. S.); Reference book on a dietetics of children of early age, 1st prod., l., 1935, 8 prod., L., 1971; Physiology and pathology of children of the period новорожденное™, 1st prod., M. — L., 1936, 4 prod., L., 1967; Guide to pediatrics, L., 1938

(sovm. with other); Propaedeutics of children's diseases, 1st prod., L., 1940, 6 prod., 1971; Short therapeutic reference book of the children's doctor, L., 1942; Rickets, L., 1945, 1966; Hematology of children's age, L., 1957, 1963; M. S. Maslov, M., 1969; Blood of healthy children of different age, L., 1970 (sovm. with Shabalovy N. P.); Children's diseases, M., 1979 (bus of a number of hl. and

edition sovm. with other).

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