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TORSUYEV Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1902 — 1978) is the Soviet dermatovenerologist and the leprologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1939), professor (1938), zasl. scientist of USSR (1962).'

In 1925 ended medical f-t Nizhny Novgorod un-that (nowadays Gorky medical in-t). From 1925 to 1938 would work as der-matovenero of l about about m Gorky provincial, the intern, the manager. organizational and methodical department of Gorky scientific research institute of dermatology and venereology, assistant, privatdozent of department of dermatovenereal diseases Gorky medical in-that. Managed departments of dermatovenereal diseases Crimean (1938 — 1944), Rostov (1944 — 1961), the Donetsk (1961 — 1976) medical in-comrade. At the same time held positions of the deputy director Crimean (1939 — 1943), the Rostov (1945 — 1947) medical in-t, the vice rector for scientific work Donetsk medical in-that (1965 — 1972), hl. the doctor Rostov - on - To - well experimental and clinical leper colony (1947 — 1960). From 1976 to 1978 professor-consultant of department of dermatovenereal diseases of the Donetsk medical Monday - that.

Peru N. A. Torsuyeva prinad

lies apprx. 800 scientific works, including 24 monographs, and also textbooks on skin and venereal diseases for students of medical in-t in

the Russian and Ukrainian languages. It dokt. the thesis «Nerves of skin of ii histiocytic (barrier) reactions of skin» was conferred the second award at the All-Union competition

of memory of G. I. Meshchersky (1939». Scientific research of N. A. Torsuyev is devoted to questions of a leprology, a gistomorfologiya of nerves of skin, a professional and allergic dermatosis, the organization

of fight against venereal and infectious skin diseases, history of dermatology and a leprology.

N. A. Torsuyev was an editor of a redotdel «Dermatology and venereology» of BME. the member of editorial boards of magazines «Bulletin of Dermatology and Venereology», «Mykosen» (Germany), «Castellania», «International Journal of Leprosy», the honorary member

more than 20 Soviet and foreign scientific about-in dermatologists and leprologists, and also the member of boards All-Union and Ukrainian about-in dermatovenerologists, the WHO expert on a leprosy, the member of the International association of leprologists.

«Sign of Honour» and medals is awarded the order.

Works: Leprosy, M., 1952; P. V * Nikolsky (1858 — 1940), M., 1953; Textbook of skin and venereal diseases, M., 1960 (sovm. with Zenin A. S.); T. P. Pavlov (1860 — 1932) and his school, L., 1962 (sovm. with Gore-bovitsky S. E.); Medical examination of patients with a chronic recurrent dermatosis, Kiev, 1965 (sovm., with Pereldi-kom D. L.); Recognition and differential diagnosis of a leprosy, M., 1971; Syphilis, Kiev, 1975 (sovm. with Bukharovi-chem M. N.); Skin and venereal diseases, Kiev, 1978 (sovm. with Pototsky I. I.); Violent dermatosis, M., 1979 (comi.,

with other).

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M of H. Bukharovich.