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TORSION OF THE CENTURY (entropion) — morbid condition, at Krom the free edge of a century (a front edge with the eyelashes growing on it) is turned in the direction to an eyeglobe. Friction of eyelashes about a cornea causes her irritation, a superficial inflammation and even an ulceration. Distinguish spastic and cicatricial 3. century.

Spastic torsion of a lower eyelid owing to a spasm of a part of a circular muscle a century.

Spastic torsion of a century the century develops owing to spastic reduction of a circular muscle (see. Eyelids ) also meets almost only on lower - a century (fig.) at inflammatory processes of an eye, hl. obr. at elderly people with flabby skin. To development spastic 3. century sticking or lack of an eyeglobe, and also a nictitating spasm and long carrying a bandage promote.

Treatment — anti-inflammatory drugs; in the absence of an eye — carrying a prosthesis. 3. it is possible to eliminate century of insignificant degree by procrastination of a century with the strip of an adhesive plaster imposed from edge of a century to skin of a cheek.

Cicatricial torsion of a century can develop after trachoma, diphtheria, a pemphigus, a burn and damage of a century. It is caused by cicatricial shortening of a conjunctiva, edges the free edge of a century pulls kzad. Treatment only operational (see. Blepharoplasty ).

N. K. Ivanov.