TOROPTSEV Innokenti Vasilyevich

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TOROPTSEV Innokenti Vasilyevich (sort. in 1907) — the Soviet pathologist, the academician of AMH (1969). Member of the CPSU.

In 1931 ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that. All scientific and pedagogical activity of I. V. That -

the roptseva is connected with department of pathological anatomy Tomsk medical in-that, the cut it directs since 1947.

It also worked as the dean medical f-that, the vice rector for scientific work, the rector Tomsk medical in-that. Still the student I. V. Toroptsev executed a number of researches in various areas patol. anatomy was also engaged in invention. It received 13

copyright certificates for development of various devices and devices.

I. V. Toroptsev is an author apprx. 130 scientific works, including 5 monographs. Together with B. P. Tok other it developed the doctrine about phytoncides, substances (glycosides) are investigated, at hydrolysis to-rykh they are formed. The received results formed the basis dokt. theses «Materials to a problem of bactericides of a plant origin» (1947). I. V. Toroptsev developed problems of action on an organism of the ionizing radiation generated by the betatron. Experimentally studied morfol. changes at the general and local, single and fractional irradiation with use of betatrons of various energy. Under its management are investigated morfol. manifestations of magnetobiological effect.

I. V. Toroptsev was a member of the Tomsk regional committee of party (1960 — 1974), the chairman regional Ob-va of defenfers of peace. It the editor redotdet «Pathological anatomy» of BME.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), October Revolutions.

Works: About scleropigmental spleen nodules, Works Tomsk, medical in-that, t. 7, page 560, 1938; Bactericides of a plant origin (phytoncides), M., 1942

(sovm. with other); Materials to a problem of bactericides of a plant origin (phytoncides), a yew., Tomsk, 1946; The Morphological characteristic of the radial illness caused by single influence by the beams generated by the betatron with energy of 10 MeV, Medical radio-gramophones., t. 1, No. 4, page 41, 1956 (sovm. from Sokolova N. V.); Morphological characteristic of biological effect of magnetic fields, Arkh. patol., t. 30, No. 3, page 3, 1968; The Most acute radial illness, Tomsk, 1972 (sovm. with Goldberg E. D.); Experimental diti-zone diabetes, Tomsk, 1975 (sovm. with V. A. Eshchen-co); Incretory function of a pancreas, Tomsk, 1981 (sovm. with V. A. Eshchen-co).

The bibliography: Innokenti Vasilyevich Toroptsev (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Arkh. patol., t. 40, No. 4, page 95, 1978.

O. M. Ordina.