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TORFOTUM (Torfotum) — a biogenic stimulator, a product of distillation of peat. Contains biologically active volatile compounds: amines, phenols

, etc.

Transparent or slightly opalescent liquid with an inodorous yellowish shade; pH 6,0 — 8,0.

In ophthalmology of T. apply at treatment of effects of a keratitis, an opacity of the vitreous body after iridocyclites and uveites, the complicated short-sightedness, a pigmental retinitis. Usually enter under a conjunctiva 0,2 — 0,5 ml a day courses on 15 — 25 injections. Sometimes according to the same indications of T. enter intramusculary 1 ml daily within 25 — 50 days.

Besides, T. use at treatment of arthritises, arthroses, radiculitis, hron. diseases of a middle ear and adnexal nasal cavities, and also at some other diseases. With these purposes the drug is administered intramusculary on 0,5 — 1 ml a day within 30 — 40 days.

In stomatology of T. apply at periodontosis and hron. ulites. Enter intramusculary 1 ml and into a transitional fold of a mucous membrane of a mouth on 1 — 2 ml a day within 25 — 30 days.

T. it is contraindicated at active tuberculosis and acute feverish states, a serious organic illness of cardiovascular system, a liver and kidneys, at tumors, psychoses and psychoneuroses, and also in late durations of gestation.

Form of release: ampoules on 1 and

2 ml. Keep in the place protected from light. of N Samoylov.