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TON THAT the TUNG TREE (Ton That Tung, 1912 — 1982) — the Vietnamese surgeon

of ii organizer of health care, the doctor of medicine (1953), professor (1954), Hera So - c fell an ist ichesk oho Work CPB (1962), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1965).

In 1939 ended medical f-t Hanoi un-that, worked as the doctor in one of hospitals of Hanoi, specialized on surgery. Since 1942 the associate professor, and since 1954 the department chair of hospital surgery medical f-that Hanoi un-that (in a crust, time Hanoi medical in-t). At the same time in 1946 — 1962 the deputy minister of health care of SRV and the secretary general Ob-va of the Red Cross of SRV, in 1947 — 1954 the chief surgeon of the Vietnamese National Army.

Ton Tchat the Tung tree — the author apprx. 150 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted to questions of surgical treatment of pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, an urgent surgery of tropical diseases, topographical anatomy. Are published by it a series it is stately also the monograph about features of a venous blood-groove

in a liver; are implemented in a hirurgicha

I will hold down practice original techniques of an extensive and limited

(segmented) resection of a liver.

Ton Tchat the Tung tree was elected chle - number - korresnondentom about-in surgeons of a number of the countries.

Works: Chirurgie des pancreatitis aigues,

Hanoi, 1945; Diagnosis and treatment of the acute pancreatitis caused by parasites, Vestn. hir., t. 84, century 2, page 3, 1960 (sovm. with other); Chirurgie d’exerese du foie, Hanoi, 1962; Ma carri^re de chirurgien,

Hanoi, 1979. V. I. Didenko.