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TOMAYER Yosef (Thomayer Josef, 1853 — 1927) is the Czech therapist, the founder of the Czech therapeutic school.

Since 1883 the associate professor, and since 1885 professor and the manager. therapeutic clinic of Karlov un-that in Prague.

Y. Tomayer possesses works in the field of neurology, to cardiology and nephrology. He was one of creators of the first Czech textbook of internal diseases (1881 — 1886), wrote the monograph «Pathology and Therapy of Internal Diseases» (1893). Y. To-mayer took active part in the organization of the Czech meditsineky periodic prod. and and and ii — «M e d and c in - the sky collection», «The polyclinic collection», «The clinical collection», and also based by it in 1880. «The collection of medical lectures and works», to-ry later began to be called «Tomayer's Collection».

Outstanding Czech scientists — Y. Pel - plank beds, L. Syllaba, Prusik (V. of Prusik) were Y. Tomayer's pupils.

Works: Bezvedomi a jeho diagnosticky vyz-nam, Praha, 1889; Pathologie a therapie nemoci vnit^nich, Praha, 1893; Uvod do drobne praxe lekarske, Praha, 1900.

Bibliography: Matousek M. Cesta Josef a Thomayera od doktoratu k habilitaci, Cas. Lek. ces., s. 701, 1953; Prusik B. Cim rneryo1 prof. Josef Thomayer moderni gastro-enterologii, ibid., s. 922; S e d 1 y k J. V. Josef Thomayer, Praha, 1923.