TOBEIES Cornelius

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TOBEIES Cornelius (Tobias Cornelius, sort. in 1918) — the American biophysicist.

TOBAYES Cornelius

In 1939 ended Budapest un-t, and in 1940. Californian un-t (Berkeley, USA). Since 1940 scientific activity of K. Tobayes takes place in Donnersky laboratory at Californian un-those. In 1946 headed department of radiation biophysics in the same place. Along with 1955 un-that is professor of medical physics Californian.

K. Tobayes is the author of the St. 280 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to studying of the mechanism biol. actions of the ionizing corpuscular radiation (it is preferential on c. N of page). Together with Roberts (J. E. Roberts) and Laurence (J. N of Lawrence) it for the first time applied protons and deuterons to radiation of a hypophysis at an acromegalia, Cushing's disease and gormonalnozavisimy malignant tumors (see. Proton therapy ). A number of its researches concerned problems of space radiobiology.

K. Tobayes participated in implementation of the international project on biomedical support of EPAS — experimental space flight of the Apollo and Soyuz ships (July, 1975). He also investigated questions of use of corpuscular radiation in radiography.

President of association of radiological researches of the USA (1962 — 1963), member of national committee of the USA on space researches.

Works: Heavy particles in medicine, in book: Progr. in atomic med., ed. by J. H. Lawrence, v. 1, p. 127, N. Y. — L., 1965 (sovm. with Lawrence J. H.); Heavy particles in experimental medicine and therapy, J. Amer. med. Ass., v. 196, p. 166, 1966 (sovm. with other).

A.S. Pavlov.