TKACHYOV Tikhon Yakovlevich

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TKACHYOV Tikhon Yakovlevich (1885 — 1970) — the Soviet hygienist and the organizer of the Soviet health care, professor (1924), the doctor of medical sciences (1935). Member of the CPSU.

TKACHYOV Tikhon Yakovlevich

In 1912 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. The dignity worked territorial. the doctor in the Voronezh province. From 1917 to 1923 a district dignity. the doctor, and since 1923 the deputy the manager. Voronezh gubzdravotdel. In 1924 — 1939 of the department chair of social hygiene medical f-that Voronezh un-that (since 1930 — Voronezh medical in-t). In 1931 in in-those on its initiative it was organized sanitary by f-t, the dean to-rogo it was for a number of years. From 1939 to 1940 the state health inspector, the deputy people's commissar of health care of the USSR and at the same time the department chair of social hygiene of TsIU. From 1941 to 1963 the department chair of the organization of health care Voronezh medical un-that.

T. Ya. Tkachyov is an author more than 100 scientific works on topical issues of social hygiene, the organization of health care, history of medicine, sanitary statistics and rural health care. He studied influence of social factors on the state of health of country people. In days of collectivization published a number of the works devoted to a problem of health protection of collective farmers. In days of the Great Patriotic War synthesis of experience of the Soviet health care in wartime was the main direction of scientific activity of the department headed by it. It dealt also with problems of the organization of sanitary matter in the USSR and carrying out a dignity. - tekhn. actions in the cities and settlements recovered after war.

T. Ya. Tkachyov was an eminent public figure, the participant of Pirogovsky congresses, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin and medals.

Works: Social hygiene, Voronezh, 1924; The Voronezh village in the social and hygienic relation, Voronezh, 1928; Sanitary work of the district doctor, Owls. medical, No. 1, page 49, 194 0; Sanitary needs in the recovered cities and settlements, the Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 1-2, page 46, 1944; «The stone steppe» in the great plan of transformation of the nature, in the same place, No. 12, page 3, 1950.

Bibliography: Tikhon Yakovlevich Tkachyov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Owls. zdra-vookhr., No. 1, page 64, 1956; To Furma of the Tax Code about I. P. Tikhon Yakovlevich Tkachyov's memories, in the same place, No. 1, page 82, 1971.

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